National Festival of Sheep Breeders in Bulgaria 2013

National Festival of Sheep Breeders in Bulgaria 2013

by in gathering, Без категория 07.01.2016

Organizers of the event: the National Festival of sheep breeders in Bulgaria Association, National Association for Breeding Synthetic Population Bulgarian Milk (NARSPBM), in cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of the Republic of Bulgaria. The place of the festival was not chosen by chance, since such events are typical mainly for South Bulgaria, however not on such a vast scale. Besides, Veliko Tarnovo is a peculiar place at the center of the country, known for being a convenient destination from all parts of Bulgaria.

Събор на овцевъдите в България 2013

Official guests of 2013’s festival:

Minister of Agriculture and Food of the temporary government – prof. Ivan Stankov

Regional Governor of Veliko Tarnovo – Assoc. Prof. Pencho Penchev

The mayor of Lyaskovetz town – Dr. Ivelina Getsova.

Събор на овцевъдите в България 2013

Objectives of the festival are:

– Establishing contacts between sheep farmers from the country and from neighbor countries to promote cultural and technological dialogue between them.

– Developing the ability of organizations and their networks to communicate with citizens and to mobilize civil support. Through the festival we are trying to present traditional our country’s traditional sheep dairy and meat products, which unfortunately are absent from the Bulgarian table nowadays. Our goal is to acquaint young generations with the taste of these traditional products, in addition to which they will be able to witness live shearing and milking.

– Certain recent changes in the economic and social aspects left sheep breeding an endangered occupation. The development is slowing down, as fewer and fewer animals are bred, which affects the ecological balance. Sheep breeding plays an important environmental role, including the natural maintenance of less fertile areas, along with the preservation of landscape and the preservation of sensitive ecosystems.

– Directing public attention to the industry, through reproductions of typical sheep breeding customs, printed materials and a documentary, since our main effort is to engage the young generation and the population of big cities in the process, as much as possible.

Photos from the festival